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Pinehurst/Beverly Park is one of the 19 neighborhood associations in the city of Everett, Washington.
This page is maintained by the members of the Neighborhood Association and is not operated by the City of Everett.


Meetings are normally held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 PM and generally last about an hour and 15 minutes. No meetings are held in August or December. Our venues are Cascade High School library during the school year and Lions Park in June and July.


Emergency Preparedness

The Association maintains a Neighborhood Cache with supplies which may be useful to have in an emergency such as an earthquake. In addition, a group of neighbors practice communicating with two-way radios monthly. See “What Is 14-14-14?” below for more information.

Interurban Trail

We maintain a supply of Mutt Mitts at several points along the neighborhood’s portion of the Interurban Trail, so neighbors walking their dogs or other pets along the trail can clean up after them. We also periodically organize Trail Cleanups to dispose of litter and report items such as graffiti and fences in need of repair.

Special events

We participate in the annual National Night Out Against Crime on the first Tuesday in August at Lions Park. Neighbors gather for light refreshments, fun and games, and to meet other neighbors, first responders, and city government leaders.


What is 14-14-14?

Every month a group of neighbors practices communicating with our two-way radios (GPRS and Citizens Band). We sign on:

  • on the 14th of the month,
  • at 1400 (2:00 PM) Pacific Time,
  • on channel 14.

We often hear from folks in adjacent neighborhoods too. If you’re interested in participating, send us an email to


Gary James

Neighborhood Chair


Michael Hill

Council of Neighborhoods Representative

Melanie Rose

Council of Neighborhoods Representative (Picture coming soon)



Mike McManus

Secretary / Webmaster


Art Olsen




Barb Bowen

Neighborhood Chair Emerita